Our products

Toiletry items use is multiple:

  • Wipes can be used in several ways: babies care, kids toiletry and adults toiletry.

  • Cotton pads are mainly used for make up removal.

  • Towels are a complement of your toiletry routine. They can also be used as guests towels, beautifully packed in our assorted baskets.

  • Pouches can contain the wipes and cotton pads so that you can carry them anywhere with you.

  • Baskets are designed in a way that you can use them not only to hold your toiletry items, but anything else you ‘d like!

  • Wash bags are used to wash the wipes and cotton pads safely for a longer use.

Take care of yourself, they are made for you! Soft, harmless, sweet, everything you need for a relaxing time…




Reduce your consumption by adopting JAMAJU™ kitchen products:

  • Reusable sponges come in three different types: cotton terry and cotton, cotton terry and hessian or cotton terry and honeycomb.

  • Multi usage small towels can be clipped together and are used for cleaning or wiping, but also as napkins.

  • Snack bags and napkins are perfect for school or picnic time.

Take care of the Planet, they are made for it! Harmless for yourself and the Earth, the Oeko-tex® certification brings confidence and peace of mind…



Bags have multiple use:

  • Pocket bags are foldable. They can feet in your purse so you always have a bag whenever you shop, even unexpectedly!

  • Tote bags can be brought anywhere for any occasions (picnic, sleepover, shopping, etc…).

  • Shopping bags are used instead of the plastic bags and can fit a lot of items with their big size. They are made of waxed cotton fabric so they are strong. They can be folded and reused for a long time.

Take care of the oceans, they are made for them! Alternative of plastic and reusable, harmless and beautiful, enjoy shopping ecologically!