Who we are

My name is Celine, founder of JAMAJU™.

I created this brand and company after a simple and well-known truth: our beautiful planet is degrading, because of the human being activity.

My conviction is that even a small change in everybody’s consumption has a huge impact on the planet. My objective is to involve as many people as I can, even the ones not necessarily engaged in the zero-waste movement, so that we can make a difference together!


Do your best, no pressure and you will feel better!

Our society is under stress permanently, why would we put ourselves another objective? JAMAJU™'s philosophy is simple: go at your own pace and the way you have decided for reaching your goal. The most important is not to put too much pressure on ourselves but to be conscient we can do something. Even a small change in our consumption has a positive effect on Earth. Because all our efforts together can make a huge difference.


The word is moving, be part of it!

Plus, the reusable options offered by JAMAJU™ are also economical, because they can go in the washing machine and last for months. How many cotton pads, sponges, paper towel, plastic bags did you use before? Start participating in the change today, your engagement is important!

The products are not only nice, they are useful and fashionable. The idea is to make you change your habit without even noticing you do!

It is a new way of consuming, not only for ourselves but for the planet and the next generations.